Insurance Reimbursement Assistance

We are aware that navigating the waters of insurance benefits can be complicated and confusing. As an intermediate care program, we wanted to do everything we could to make this process as easy as possible. As we all know, the healthcare industry is ever-changing. As insurance companies change their policies with regard to facility authorizations, mental health/substance abuse coverage, etc., the Mental Health Parity Act and the Affordable Care Act have opened up new ways to have these types of claims properly reviewed and considered for full benefits. To assist you in pursuing your benefits, we want to put you in contact with a healthcare advocate company that can advise you how to go about it. Denials Management, Inc. has been providing services to healthcare providers, families and facilities for over 23 years. They can help you set up a game plan to resolve your claim issues, starting with a straightforward explanation of the complexities related to your claim – in terms you can understand. DMI has a long history of success and has helped thousands of families get their denied claims paid. Visit their webpage to learn more: For a FREE consultation with the President of DMI, reach out to her at:

Mary Covington

President Denials Management, Inc.

1459 East 3900 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84124

1-866-322-0787 x200

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your child as he or she progresses through the Pure Life Aspiro Wilderness Therapy Program. We hope this information will aid you in recovering some of the expenses associated with our program. This referral is offered to assist you in collecting reimbursement from your insurance company and is not a guarantee of payment. You will still be responsible for all payments and fees associated with Pure Life Aspiro Wilderness Therapy tuition and activities. Please make sure to address your questions regarding possible insurance benefits directly with Denials Management.

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