Adventure Therapy

in Costa Rica

The Pure Life Program

“Through research based techniques we integrate therapeutic models with an emphasis on adventure therapy, cultural immersion, wellness and community service.”

Surfing, rappelling, whitewater rafting, and other activities are tools inherent to Adventure Therapy. As tools they help break down walls and challenge students, but they also give the clinical field staff a unique look into the individual struggles of each student. From this, individual treatment plans are created, adjusted, and proven successful both here at Pure Life Adventure, and in the student’s personal lives at home.

Our students engage in individual therapy and group therapy on a weekly basis. Pure Life Adventure uses a hands-on, strengths-based, student-integrated clinical model through which participants quickly learn new, healthy coping strategies, behavioral and emotional regulation skills, leadership skills, and life skills that lead to future success.

Our foundational goal is to facilitate the development of a higher level of self-efficacy (the strength of one’s belief in their ability to complete tasks). We help students learn to use their strengths to build a stronger foundation for their future. We use the latest research and data to continue to refine our treatment program and our approach with young people.

Click below to download our Research Paper on the benefits of Adventure Wilderness Therapy:

"By learning to accept the physical discomfort of being in the wilderness, I learned how to cope with my emotional discomfort so it would no longer hinder me from living."

One step at a time

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Student Profile

While “failure to launch” is not an accurate diagnostic category, the phenomena of young adults feeling stranded in life or overwhelmed by adulthood is not uncommon. Young adults who struggle with anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, and social skills may find their problems getting worse under the pressure of adulthood. Pure Life’s Adventure Therapy students are typically facing challenges associated with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Screening/gaming abuse
  • Executive function deficits
  • Low motivation
  • Adoption
  • Low self-esteem
  • Body image
  • Trauma

Individuals attending our program have a willingness to change. Our program is open to young men and women, ages 18 to 30. Adventure Therapy helps young adults by providing individual and group therapy. Our students also work on their social skills, leadership skills, life planning skills, and vocational development. Through cultural immersion, community service, and adventure based activities, our students develop the skills and experiences necessary to get them through this difficult transition so they can thrive and flourish on their own.

A typical day at Pure Life Adventure Costa Rica includes many high-quality adventure elements designed to build confidence. We rise early and begin our morning routines focused on setting SMART goals, reviewing curriculum, stretching, meditating, journaling, and preparing breakfast. We then set off on an adventure designed to build up our students followed by structured personal time, dinner, and then a nightly review and check-in.  

To learn more about Pure Life Adventure and if it’s a good fit for you, contact us now and we can begin the process.

“Our students work on their social skills, leadership skills, life planning skills and vocational development.
Through cultural immersion, community service and adventure based activities, they develop the skills and experiences necessary so they can thrive and flourish on their own.”