Adolescent Program

Heal and grow in the beauty of Costa Rica


Pure Life is a clinically integrated Adventure Therapy program that focuses on the treatment of various social, emotional and behavioral challenges in adolescents and young adults.

Since its founding in the Fall of 2013, Pure Life has served hundreds of families through the powerful healing nature of Costa Rica coupled with a researched-based adventure therapy model. After successfully serving young adults for nine years, families and professionals have asked us to provide services for adolescents. We are pleased to open our doors to adolescents ages 15-17. These students will be able to heal and grow in the beauty of Costa Rica. Our unique model incorporates: nature, mindfulness, cultural immersion, adventure activities, and community service with the strong foundation of clinical support provided by our licensed Masters-level clinicians.

Click below to download our Research Paper on the benefits of Adventure Wilderness Therapy:

" Deciding to spend 87 days in the jungle was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. Still, no part of me would trade any of it. Some days are easier and some days it feels impossible to make it through. But, getting to work on myself in the most amazing and beautiful place was unreal."

One step at a time

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Student Profile

Pure Life works with adolescents that struggle with anxiety, depression, learning differences, executive function deficits, and social pressure. Adolescents who experience these traits often find that daily functioning becomes difficult under the pressure of increased responsibility. The inability to manage emotions, behaviors, and relationships is very common. Adolescents at Pure Life are typically facing challenges associated with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance use & abuse
  • Screen and game overuse
  • Executive functioning deficits / Learning differences
  • Social challenges and isolation
  • Refusal or disengagement from school
  • Low motivation
  • Entitlement
  • Attachment & adoption issues
  • Body image issues
  • Trauma

While resistance or reluctance to attend Pure Life is very normal for young people, our clients do demonstrate some level of interest or willingness to get help. We only take clients who are fully informed and willing to attend, which contributes to a high functioning group milieu. Our adolescent program is open to all genders between 15 – 17 years-old.

"The Adventure Therapy model helps adolescents by providing a comprehensive treatment approach that includes individual, group, and family therapy. Our students also work on their social skills, leadership skills, and executive functioning skills through the implementation of cultural immersion, community service, life skills curriculum, and adventure-based activities."


Our Activities

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Costa Rica is known for great surfing. Our surf instructors will challenge you, whether you have years of experience or you’ve never been on a surfboard before.

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White Water Rafting

Costa Rica has some of the best rafting in the world. You will be trained to guide a raft down Class II and III rapids.

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Rainforest Backpacking

Hike through pristine rainforest, seeing monkeys, sloths, and other exotic wildlife for one to two weeks at a time. Each step counts as you push your limits.

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Wilderness First Aid Course

Learn how to treat emergencies in the field. Empower yourself to manage risk in your own adventure activities.

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Cultural Homestays

Our hiking itineraries often include stays with rural family. Spend time with these families: speak Spanish, learn about Tico traditions, and participate in agrarian lifestyle.

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Descending by a rope through Costa Rica’s beautiful waterfalls can be a life changing experience. Many of our itineraries include rappel elements.

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Sea Kayaking

Spend a week paddling the “Gulfo Dulce” with the possibility of seeing sea turtles and dolphins. This itinerary is a favorite.

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Community Service

Support isolated Costa Rican towns in developing their infrastructure. Activities have included, improving community centers, volunteering in orphanages, and building bridges to connect communities.

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Rock Climbing

Climb a basalt wall with routes ranging from beginner to advanced at Cachí. Learn the safety procedures as well as how to belay.

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Swift Water Rescue Course

Manage safety in rivers and oceans. Learn how to perform a water rescue.

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Technical Rope Rescue

Tie up to 10 different knots, learn belay and rescue systems, and perfect ascending and descending techniques.