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Free Pure Life White Paper: The Road to Independence Can Be Rough: It’s Okay to Ask for Help

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Pure Life Aspiro, which offers safe, effective, and clinically-sophisticated treatment options for young adults, announced today the publication of a new White Paper, The Road to Independence. The twelve-page White Paper is designed to help young adults, parents, or anyone else needing advice on helping themselves or a loved one achieve independence while working through the transition between adolescence and adulthood.

The transition from adolescence into adulthood is hard enough; however, when young adults are facing issues such as depression, anxiety, family conflict, or substance abuse, it is very easy to get lost in the transition. Young adults often have big life decisions to make, and, as such, the pressure may cause an increase in inner turmoil.

More and more, young adults who are facing tough emotional issues are finding themselves stranded on the road to adulthood. The first steps in helping your loved one achieve independence are recognizing that he or she needs help and recognizing the differences between helping/empowering and enabling.

Each young adult’s journey toward independence is different; while some will make the journey on their own, others may need a helping hand, some guidance, and even a gentle nudge. There are several treatment options available for young adults who need help finding their way.

  1. Signs You (or Your Loved One) Needs Help Achieving Independence
  2. The Difference Between Empowering and Enabling
  3. For Parents: Helping Your Loved One Achieve Independence
  4. For Young Adults: How to Achieve Independence
  5. What is Wilderness Adventure Therapy?
  6. Why is Exposure to a Novel Environment Key in Achieving Independence?
  7. What to Look for in an Effective Treatment Program

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