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Pure Life, which offers safe, effective, and clinically-sophisticated treatment options for young adults, announced today the publication of a new White Paper, Lasting Change For Young Adults With Adventure Therapy. The thirteen-page white paper is designed to help young adults, parents, or anyone else considering treatment to help themselves or a loved one.

Today’s young adults face tremendous  pressure in their everyday lives– the pressure to get into a good school, get good grades, make new friends, and starting on a career path. These pressures can be overwhelming for some.   While these formidable years have always been full of pressures for young adults,  increasingly college-aged students are struggling to meet the demands and are seeking help for their struggles.

In fact, a recent survey of college counseling center directors revealed that 94 percent of directors reported recent trends toward greater number of students with severe psychological problems. In the past five years, a staggering 89 percent of directors reported an increase of students with anxiety, while 58 percent have seen increases in clinical depression rates. Every individual is different; however, adventure therapy has proven effective at helping thousands of young adults overcome their individual struggles and get back on track to achieving all of their life goals.

  1. 5 Signs Your Child Needs Treatment
  2. What is Adventure Therapy and Who Can it Help?
  3. Four Elements of a Credible Wilderness Adventure Program
  4. The Benefits of Nature on Mental and Overall Health
  5. The Benefits of Adventure Therapy Activities on Young Adults
  6. The Benefits of Cultural Immersion For Young Adults in Adventure Therapy
  7. The Benefits of Community Outreach in Adventure Therapy

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