Adventure Therapy is a hands-on approach that utilizes wellness, community service, and exciting outdoor adventures like rappelling and white water rafting to create lasting and meaningful change.

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Adolescent Group Opening for Spring 2023

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Pure Life Adventure is kicking off its second year of adolescent programming and the team is encouraged by the impact that Costa Rican-based adventure therapy has had on post-Covid mental health challenges for its 15-17-year-old students. 

Many school-aged students struggled during Covid school closures and faced setbacks and stress due to the lack of connection with peers and social relationships, the absence of a traditional academic structure, and the increase in screen time and social media usage. Loss of academic and social momentum and increased anxiety and depression have been plaguing adolescents, post-Covid. 

Pure Life’s adventure therapy model is fitting for all those who are seeking a unique therapy experience for life-long changes. While young adults have been the focus of Pure Life since the onset, they have always seen a great need for therapy of all ages. Their adolescent program therapists have an important understanding unique to this age group. They are well-versed in the impacts of screen addiction, social media, chronic stress, and bullying on adolescents’ self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Pure Life Adventure’s bicultural team provides a therapeutically sophisticated and holistic approach to helping adolescents with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, executive function deficits, trauma, and substance abuse. Our students are individuals with very real challenges looking for lasting change. Those who decide to attend Pure Life’s adventure therapy program can expect a busy and engaging 50-90 day stay in Costa Rica where they will learn to surf, whitewater raft, backpack, experience cultural homestays, participate in local service projects, and equine therapy. Each session will also involve parents with weekly calls, check-ins with field therapists as well as an in-person parent visit to Costa Rica.

Adolescents are in such a fragile time period of their life and, for parents, sending their kids to an international program can be scary. With all this in mind, Pure Life wanted to ensure their therapy model was done right. With proper health protocols in place and solid communication plans for families, Pure Life enters into the second year of adolescent programming and is accepting students for spring 2023. 

Pure Life Adventure uses researched-based techniques with integrated therapeutic models throughout its adventure therapy program. Pure Life’s adventure therapy program, based in Costa Rica, works with struggling adolescents and young adults to build self-efficacy, teach healthy coping strategies, behavioral and emotional regulation, leadership skills, and life skills that will allow participants to become independent, productive, and successful adults. For more information about Pure Life’s adventure therapy model and admission process, please visit

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