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Pure Life Adventure has been able to maintain quality programming due to the fact that it has been unaffected by “the great resignation” that is impacting employers across the country. Pure Life’s small size and its unique Costa Rican location have allowed the team to remain cohesive and devoted to student progress.  

Allan Capp, Owner and Program Director in charge of hiring says, “Many of our staff members, both in our office and in the field, have been with us for years. Some of our field guides and field supervisors have been with Pure Life for anywhere from three to eight years. We feel lucky to have avoided many of the hiring stressors that other employers are facing right now.”.” 

Pure Life Adventure is staffed year-round by one to two groups, depending on student capacity, which allows them to work with the most experienced staff available. Due to the unique location, it is an attractive option for field staff because it is warm year round.

Mara Mueller, Clinical Director and Primary Therapist deserves a lot of credit for Pure Life’s clinical team providing such consistent treatment to students. As an Owner of the program, she and her husband Allan Capp (Program Director) live, work, and direct the day-to-day operation of the program. They are heavily invested in providing a quality experience for students and their families. 

Mara shares, “Allan and I love Costa Rica and have put down roots. We feel it essential to be involved in the day-to-day of Pure Life and look forward to being here for a very long time.” 
Pure Life Adventure uses researched-based techniques with integrated therapeutic models throughout its adventure therapy program. Pure Life’s adventure therapy program, based in Costa Rica, works with struggling adolescents and young adults to build self-efficacy, and teach healthy coping strategies, behavioral and emotional regulation, leadership skills, and life skills that will allow participants to become independent, productive, and successful adults. For more information about Pure Life’s adventure therapy model and admission process, please visit https://www.purelifeadventure.com

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