Our Adventure therapy program allows parents visits, which is one of the best parts of our program. Learn a little more about parent visits with Pure Life Adventure in Costa Rica.

Pure Life Adventure Therapy Program Parent Visit

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Adventure Therapy 101

Pure Life Adventure’s therapy program was created to offer an alternative form of therapy for young adults who are struggling with self-efficacy, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, motivation and more. Our therapy model includes physical challenges that are fun and engaging such as surfing, equine therapy, white water rafting, and rappelling. We use physical challenges to create confidence, build new skill sets and to bring joy to our students.

Pure Life’s therapy program isn’t just about playing either. Our therapy program includes group therapy and one-on-one therapy with a licensed therapist. We create customized therapy plans for our students based on their experiences in the field and personal struggles and needs.

It’s hard to be a parent sitting on the sidelines as we watch our child struggle. Pure Life Adventure Therapy believes that parent involvement is critical to our student’s progress

Our adventure therapy for young adults was intentionally set in the awe-inspiring landscape of Costa Rica. Being immersed in nature is an intricate part of our therapy model. We take full advantage of nature and it’s scientifically proven health and mental benefits. We also work with Costa Rican locals to engage in service within the community, harvesting our own food and learning how to cook in the outdoors. All our practices serve a purpose and need for each of our students. We love working in Costa Rica as it provides a unique experience and opportunity for young adults to leave their normal life and stressors behind while they put in intense work on themselves, their personal wellbeing and mental health.

Pure Life Adventure’s therapy program was created to offer an alternative form of therapy for young adults who are struggling with self-efficacy, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, motivation and more

Parent Involvement In Our Adventure Therapy Program

While it is an important part of Pure Life’s therapy for our participants to remove themselves from the surroundings and people they are used to, we recognize just how important parental involvement is in our therapy model.

Pure Life Adventure puts great value and importance on engaging participants’ parents in the therapy process.  We ask that parent’s of our young adult’s have weekly calls with their child’s therapists.  We also include parents in weekly parent support groups as well as an in-person parent visit a few months after the program begins.

We know that parents may be hesitant to send their child, who they are already worried about, to a foreign country with what feels like so many unknowns. This is why a parent visit to see the program in action is important! We want to assure parents that our adventure therapy program is providing healthy growth and improvement for their young adult. Seeing your child do the work during your parent visit will be amazing for you as well as your child. Truthfully, parent visits are one of our favorite parts of the Pure Life Adventure program.

Is Adventure Therapy For Your Child?

Adventure therapy is an interactive therapy model for young adults who are struggling in life. If you’re interested in adventure therapy and wondering if your child could benefit from adventure therapy, download our free informational guide “Lasting Change For Young Adults”.

We share signs that may indicate your child needs treatment, what is adventure therapy, who can benefit from adventure therapy, four important elements of a credible adventure therapy program and the benefits of adventure therapy activities.

Now that you know a little about our program, adventure therapy parent visits, what other questions do you have? We would love to discuss our therapy program and parent visits in more detail at any time.  Reach out to Pure Life Adventure today to chat with us about how we can start helping your family today.

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