Pure Life Adventure Therapy Program Reopens With High Demand After Pandemic Closure

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(Costa Rica, December 2021) Pure Life Adventure is thrilled to share its reopening in early 2021 started off with excitement and success. Due to the high demand for young adult support, Pure Life has stayed very busy since the reopening in March. Like many businesses during the onset of the coronavirus, Pure Life Adventure found itself needing to pause services due to health and travel restrictions. As the global pandemic continued to emerge, the team at Pure Life Adventure was disheartened to learn their mental health adventure therapy services would be canceled for an extended period of time and when people needed it the most.

Even with services temporarily on hold, Pure Life founder and Executive Director, Andrew Taylor, said, “Calls continued to pour in for our services and it was frustrating to see so much need for help and not be able to provide those services.”

Because of Pure Life’s specialized adventure therapy model, performing teleservices during the pandemic was not available. Pure Life’s participants gain confidence and life skills through adventurous activities such as surfing, rappelling, and white water rafting while also serving within local Costa Rican villages, working alongside locals to complete chores, food harvesting, and more. Pure Life’s hands-on approach to addressing mental health needs is unique and is what allows their adventure therapy program to be so effective.

While the Pure Life team was disappointed that the pandemic prevented them from being able to help young adults who clearly still needed assistance, it did give them the opportunity to improve their program during the temporary closure.  Pure Life Adventure created a partnership with New England College and has been offering college credits to those that attend their program. Pure Life also developed its own equine therapy component which is going well for students who seem to be greatly enjoying the new therapy. Since its reopening in March 2021, Pure Life students have been thriving and doing well despite the ongoing pandemic.

Pure Life Adventure is grateful to all its partners and other industry professionals who supported its program and services, especially as they navigated reopening in early 2021.

Pure Life Adventure uses researched-based techniques with integrated therapeutic models throughout its adventure therapy program. Pure Life’s adventure therapy program, based in Costa Rica, works with struggling young adults to build self-efficacy, teach healthy coping strategies, behavioral and emotional regulation, leadership skills, and life skills that will allow participants to become independent, productive, and successful adults.

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