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The Benefits of Community Outreach in Adventure Therapy

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Community outreach is unique aspect of some adventure therapy programs. Societal expectations can be overwhelming for young adults. Many lack coping skills that are necessary to navigate through the stresses and pressures placed on them. Being a part of a community, and contributing to something greater than their set of issues allows their perspective to shift.

By participating in community outreach, young adults realize that helping others can add great joy and meaning to their lives. Their perceived problems suddenly seem much smaller when compared to the challenges that others face. This perspective helps them to see the positive aspects of their own lives instead of focusing on all the things they want but don’t have yet. This is especially helpful for young adults who feel they haven’t achieved milestones their peers already have.

Another benefit of community outreach in conjunction with adventure therapy is the boost of personal satisfaction that serving others provides. By participating in service, young adults are able to contribute to the world and gain a greater sense of self worth, which helps them feel like they can make a difference and be a force for good in their own lives. Community service allows young adults to work on themselves while helping others. According to surveys collected by the United Health Group, nearly all participants who volunteered in the past 12 months reported that volunteering enriched their sense of purpose in life, that they were helping to make their community a better place, and that volunteering helped them learn valuable things about the world and about themselves.

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