Horses are healing. The benefits of equine therapy at Pure Life Adventure are incredibly valuable and life-changing

The Benefits of Equine Therapy

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Our world is filled with unique and beautiful creatures with purpose and necessity that reach far beyond the basics we may know. One majestic animal that everyone knows is the horse. Horses are amazing animals who have helped humans on homesteads to complete tough jobs and carried our ancestors for miles.  But did you know that there are actual health benefits to saddling up? Research has shown that horseback riding can lower blood pressure, help burn calories, improve our core strength, and more.

Horses have a wonderful relationship with humans and while they work with us side by side to complete jobs, they also can help humans mentally. They are an amazing therapy companion and Pure Life Adventure’s program is the perfect place to watch the benefits of equine therapy in action.

What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is a model of therapy that includes working with horses for a variety of physical and emotional healing needs. There are different forms of equine therapy and different models can be formulated to meet the specific needs. Equine therapy activities are run by horse specialists who use horses that have been trained especially for these therapeutic purposes.

While it may seem like a newer methodology for therapy, research has shown that the benefits of equine therapy have been documented in writings of the ancient Greeks. However, riding and horse care gained popularity as a therapy tool between the 1950s and 1960s. At Pure Life Adventure, we know the immense value of horse therapy and have watched firsthand the benefits our students have experienced with adding equine therapy to our adventure program.

Equine therapy is a model of therapy that includes working with horses for a variety of physical and emotional healing needs.

5 Benefits Of Equine Therapy

Horses have a strong emotional sense which allows Pure Life students to work on connections and relationships with their horse. As they build this relationship and connection, there are important benefits that will positively alter their future.

Improved Social And Emotional Awareness

Working with another living being, especially one who cannot communicate with words, requires focus, attentiveness, and reading social and emotional cues to ensure your horse and others are safe, happy, and focused.

Improved Communication Skills

Communication is key between participants, the horses, and the horse specialists. To ensure the safety and wellness of the participants and horses, communication skills are key.

Increased Empathy

Building a relationship with the horse is similar to that of caring for a family pet. You bond with the animal and learn to read its emotions and body language. When you understand their needs, when they are uncomfortable, etc., our empathy recognition increases and we learn to think outside of ourselves and care for others.

Increased Distress Tolerance

Equine therapy will help participants work on their ability to manage actual, or perceived distress. Building up a tolerance for distress will provide them with a life skill to successfully face other times of distress that are inevitable in life.

Learning To Trust Themselves And Others

Communication with a horse is much different than humans. Equine therapy creates a unique opportunity to build trust through actions and care with the horse. Both the horse and the student learn how to read one another’s cues and rely on another.

How Adventure Therapy Activities Can Help Your Child

Adventure therapy with Pure Life is a unique therapy model for young adults. We offer services for a wide range of needs but are committed to accepting participants that want to be a part of our program. Those who attend Pure Life Adventure therapy agree to be with us and want to engage in therapy.

Our hands-on approach to therapy is intended to provide participants with skills that will sustain them beyond the forests of Costa Rica.  Our students often come to our adventure therapy program feeling lost, rejected, overwhelmed, and frustrated with life. Our adventure program engages them in activities to refocus their attention on new and exciting experiences. We redirect their anxiety and frustration into learning new skills, challenging their internal perspective, serving the local community all the while engaging in individual and group therapy.

If you are curious about the benefits of our equine therapy and other adventure activities and how they can help you or your loved one, please reach out to Pure Life Adventure today. We want to chat about how we can start helping your family today.

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