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The Benefits of Nature on Mental and Overall Health

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The desire to experience the beauty, the raw wilderness of our world has to offer, has long been a desire of humankind.

But did you know that, nature and natural settings have been proven to reduce stress, aid in physical recovery, as well as improve numerous mental health issues?

So how can nature make a difference for young adults struggling to progress in life?

When applied to adventure therapy for young adults, immersion in nature allows for these individuals to take a step back and focus on intrinsic values instead of unfulfilling extrinsic values that are currently holding them back from progression.

In addition, research shows that nature can provide the following mental health benefits:

  • Reduction in ADHD symptoms
  • Increased clarity
  • A refuge for young adults currently in a toxic environment
  • Greater caring and empathy for others

Participating in and being immersed in nature, allows Young Adults experiences that provide a deeper understanding of the world around them. Nature, and especially the wilderness, has a special way of reaching young adults in a place that is tough to access by anything else.

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