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When Talk Therapy Isn’t Enough

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The pressure to keep up with societal benchmarks, such as graduating from college, starting a career, or forming a committed romantic relationship can be overwhelming for young adults. When other issues are present, such as anxiety or depression, the pressure that these young adults feel is only increased.

The combination of societal pressure, anxiety, and self destructive behaviors can create a staggering effect for young adults and can hold them back from progression, known as failure to launch, known as failure to launch. For these individuals, talk therapy isn’t always enough. Despite efforts and desires to move forward with their lives, many lack the skills and confidence necessary to individuate with success. If you have noticed one or more of the following behaviors, an adventure therapy program may be the most effective way to help the individual move forward.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Depression
  3. Isolation from family and/or peers
  4. Failed college experience
  5. Substance abuse

How to Help if Talk Therapy Isn’t Enough for Your Child :

If your child is exhibiting these signs reach out and talk to him or her. It is important to let your child know that you are not ashamed, embarrassed, or angry that things aren’t working with exclusive talk therapy. Be supportive,  and try to stay positive. Let them know that it is okay to explore other options and that together you can find a solution to fit their needs.

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