College Credit

Pure Life students can earn College Credit

Cost and Process

Pure Life students/families will pay New England College directly through their “MyNEC” account, the portal the college uses for all of their students. The cost per credit is $200, and will show up on the student account the week before they finish Pure Life. 
NEC offers great options for on-campus, and online classes if students want to continue with the college. 

Throughout their stay at Pure Life, students will work with our Academic Advisor, Dr. Raelyn Viti, a professor and outdoor educator at NEC to ensure they understand and are meeting the outcomes for the credit process. Pure Life staff support students throughout the process by providing instruction and facilitating adventure experiences.

Our Courses:

Pure Life Bridges (2 Credits)

Bridges is our version of a life skills curriculum. During Bridges, students participate in a workshop each week that includes a lecture and group discussion. We explore topics including relationships, careers, goal setting, understanding our habits and behaviors, and in general, how we can be healthier and happier humans.

Each week students complete an associated writing reflection that will help them explore their strengths and growth areas with the goal of developing tangible strategies to apply to their lives.

Bridges is made up of 9 unique workshops that fit into themes based on the 4 elements:
Earth – Water – Air – Fire

As students complete each theme, they earn a handmade coconut pendant, and upon completion of all the sections and submitting their Life Action Plan, they earn a sterling silver pendant with all 4 elements. The Bridges course helps students make connections between their new experiences in Costa Rica and the changes they want to make moving forward.

The curriculum is required for all students and takes about 10 weeks to complete.

LAS 1 (4 credits)

Students learn about the Costa Rican Ecology and Environment by spending time outdoors. The relationship with nature in Costa Rica develops by exploring, learning, reflecting on how you immerse yourself in the environment through a series of guided and facilitated adventures. Understanding and demonstrating your relationship and engagement with nature during this course enables discussions around the balance humans have with nature and the place we have in our natural world.

LAS 2 (4 credits)

In this section of the PureLife Program, students will participate in homestays and community service projects that give back to the communities in Costa Rica. Students will work in groups and with families to complete a series of ongoing projects during their stay. During this segment of the program homestays encourage relationships with rural families, learn about traditions in Costa Rica, and more.

Skills Courses (1 credit each)

White Water Rafting
Sea Kayaking
Camp Cooking
Service Project

Safety Courses (1 Credit each)

Wilderness First Aid
Whitewater Rescue Technician (whitewater rafting focused)
Recreational Rope Operator (waterfall rappelling focused) 

Pure Life offers 3 internationally recognized professional certifications. During these weeks, students participate in hands-on scenarios and outdoor classroom learning. These certifications are fun and engaging, and are good for 2 years.