College Credit

Pure Life students can earn College Credit

Pure Life can provide students with the opportunity to earn college credits during their stay in our program. Students can earn up to as many as 18 credits in total. These are general education credits and are highly transferable.

Each week students have the opportunity to opt in on college credit. They will have learning objectives presented and a reflection will be required at the end of the week which will be reviewed with our Academic Director.

In order to earn college credit a student must graduate from high school first.

Our Courses Include:

Pure Life Bridges (2 Credits)

Bridges to Learning and Life Skills

LAS 1 (4 Credits)

Relationship with nature, Living and being in Costa Rica

LAS 2 (4 Credits)

Open Spaces in Costa Rica

Skills Courses (1 credit each)

White Water Rafting
Sea Kayaking
Camp Cooking

Safety Courses (1 Credit each)

Wilderness First Aid
Swift Water Rescue
Climbing and Recreational Rappel Operator