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Collaborating with industry leaders and community partners, Pure Life delivers innovative and effective adventure therapy for young adults and adolescents.

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Adventure Announced First Alumni Retreat

Pure Life Adventure announces the first-ever Pure Life Alumni Retreat on December 17-23, 2023, at our Costa Rica campus. This exclusive event is open to former Pure Life students and families looking for a way to start 2024 energized and refreshed for what lies ahead in the upcoming year. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Opening New 2024 Adolescent Group December 1st

After a successful summer for our adolescent program, Pure Life is now accepting applications for all gender applicants ages 15-17 for a new adolescent group. This year’s program will open on December 1st and will continue serving students through the summer of 2024. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | New Outreach and Marketing Coordinator Joins Pure Life Adventure

After a busy summer and fall, Pure Life Adventure is pleased to announce that Ari Terry has joined the team as Outreach and Marketing Coordinator. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Renews AEE Accreditation

Pure Life celebrates 10 years of operations with their AEE Accreditation renewal. Operating Pure Life Adventure in a foreign country like Costa Rica is complex. Accreditation is an important part of operating a safe and quality program. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Adolescent Offers High School Credits

Pure Life Adventure offering adolescent programming with an additional benefit—high school students can earn up to 2 full credits during their stay—just for participating in the program. Access the release here

Pure Life Celebrates 10 Years

Pure Life Adventure opened in April 2013 and in the last 10 years has served over 500 families in Costa Rica. Pure Life has worked hard to provide a rich therapeutic experience that includes outdoor adventure activities, cultural immersion, education and service learning in this beautiful and extraordinary country. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Adventure Expands Individual Therapy Sessions

Pure Life Adventure has included an additional weekly individual session with licensed or masters level therapists to help students adopt tools and strategies they can use beyond their time in Costa Rica. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Adolescent Group Opening for Spring 2023

Pure Life Adventure is kicking off its second year of adolescent programming and the team is encouraged by the impact that Costa Rican-based adventure therapy has had on post-Covid mental health challenges for its 15-17-year-old students. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Equine Therapy Success

The “hands-on” approach to outdoor adventure therapy at Pure Life Adventure, also includes equine therapy and will be included in the adolescent programming starting summer 2023. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Pure Life Unaffected by The Great Resignation

Pure Life Adventure has been able to maintain quality programming due to the fact that it has been unaffected by “the great resignation” that is impacting employers across the country. Pure Life’s small size and its unique Costa Rican location have allowed the team to remain cohesive and devoted to student progress. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Family Engagement at Pure Life

In the last year, Pure Life has expanded our family support programs for our students and their families. Incorporating parents into the program has always been a foundational element of the outdoor adventure therapy curriculum at Pure Life, and new parent sessions are enhancing the therapeutic experience for both the student in Costa Rica and their families back at home. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | EMDR and Trauma Treatment Internationally

EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a growing trend in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma that is now being offered as part of the treatment program at Pure Life Adventure. EMDR was recently recommended by the World Health Organization as a therapy for children, adolescents, and adults with PTSD because the technique “helps people reduce vivid, unwanted, repeated recollections of traumatic events.” Access the release here

Newsletter Release | New Adolescent Programming Therapist Brook Jackson

With the opening of Pure Life Adventure’s new adolescent programming in 2022, they are pleased to announce the addition of a new therapist to their team. Brook Jackson has spent the last 17 years supporting young people in various settings and Brook will be joining Pure Life Adventure as a program therapist for all gender adolescents ages 15-17 years old. Access the release here

Newsletter Release | Adolescent Programming Opening

Pure Life Adventure is pleased to announce the opening of its adolescent programming in 2022. In the spring of 2022, Pure Life will be admitting all gender adolescents ages 15-17 years old. Pure Life’s current adventure therapy model is fitting for all those who are seeking a unique therapy experience for life-long changes. While young adults have been the focus of Pure Life since the onset, they have always seen a great need for therapy of all ages. Access the release here

Pure Life Adventure Therapy Program Reopens With High Demand After Pandemic Closure

Pure Life Adventure is thrilled to share its reopening in early 2021 started off with excitement and success. Due to the high demand for young adult support, Pure Life has stayed very busy since the reopening in March. Like many businesses during the onset of the coronavirus, Pure Life Adventure found itself needing to pause services due to health and travel restrictions. As the global pandemic continued to emerge, the team at Pure Life Adventure was disheartened to learn their mental health adventure therapy services would be canceled for an extended period of time and when people needed it the most. Access the release here

Everything we do at Pure Life has a purpose. Everything, down to the smallest detail of the daily routine, is designed to help students become their best selves.