“Young Adult Identity”

In this White Paper we provide an overview of today’s young adult generation, known as “millennials”. We focus on unique aspects of millennial identity and how the modern young adult’s experience shapes that identity. We also provide tips for healthy identity development.

This white paper is unique in that it was written BY a millennial FOR other millennials and for anyone else who is interested in our generation’s triumphs and struggles.

The young adult experience varies greatly from country to country. This paper is written from the perspective of a millennial that grew up in the United States, but attempts to generalize some of the experience to make it more widely applicable. The paper also draws on many recent surveys of diverse groups of millennials in order to avoid falsely equating one experience with that of the masses.

This White Paper features the following segments:

  1. Millennials: Who Are We Really?
  2. The “In Between” Stage of Identity Development
  3. FOR YOUNG ADULTS: A [Winding] Road Map For Success
  4. FOR PARENTS: The Key Is To Help, Not Helicopter
  5. Selfies and Snaps Define Millennial Identity
  6. Self-Love When Your Identity Is “Different”
  7. The Woes Of A Sex-Positive, Less-Than-Straight Generation
  8. Many Beautiful Shades of Gender

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