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Pure Life Adventure announces the first-ever Pure Life Alumni Retreat on December 17-23, 2023, at our Costa Rica campus. This exclusive event is open to former Pure Life students and families looking for a way to start 2024 energized and refreshed for what lies ahead in the upcoming year. 

“The end of the year is a great time to reconnect with the tools and practices our students learned during their time at Pure Life. As they and their families look toward 2024, we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to invite everyone back for a restorative and invigorating reset to help maintain the important habits and mindsets they learned while at Pure Life.” Says Andrew Taylor, Owner

The Alumni Retreat will include many activities, including a homestay hike, river rafting, surfing, daily yoga, and mindfulness-based practices.  

Returning to the novel environment in Costa Rica allows students to revisit one of the main benefits of adventure therapy—getting the students out of their day-to-day routine and current patterns to embrace a different way of thinking to establish and cement new patterns of living. 

The Pure Life Adventure team is excited to bring students back to build on what they learned during their first stay and what they’ve learned as they’ve navigated and conquered new challenges in the real world. 

Andrew continues, “We want our students to take what we teach them at Pure Life and adapt their newfound skills to their real life and day-to-day struggles so they can understand how truly capable they are. This retreat gives them a chance to refresh those skills and see how far they have come.”

Pure Life Adventure uses research-based techniques with integrated therapeutic models throughout its adventure therapy program. Based in Costa Rica, Pure Life’s adventure therapy program works with struggling adolescents and young adults to build self-efficacy and teach healthy coping strategies, behavioral and emotional regulation, leadership skills, and life skills that will allow participants to become independent, productive, and successful adults. For more information about Pure Life’s adventure therapy model and admission process, please visit

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